When will the future reach me?

1. Urban City Lab conference
on 21 November 2018
11am to 3pm

Guests of the Urban City Lab studio have answers to the most pressing issues on 21 November in the UCL studio at Hypermotion and will give their views on the suburb of the future.

In cooperation with

What is UCL?

Technological progress (digitalisation in every life sector, Industry 4.0) and external factors (climate change, population growth) are triggering a comprehensive need for modernised transport infrastructure (roads, railways, traction and modes of transport) and building infrastructure (housing, energy efficiency, living, nature).

The neighbourhood is the smallest unit in a city. It is up to Urban City Lab to realize this - so to speak as a master demonstrator - virtually and prototypically now - for the future and to uncover the great opportunities and potentials for the future in this renewal process.

Draft of UCL’s stand from

But the Urban City Lab is about far more and aims to enable the key market players to present themselves in this context.

The future-proof, state-of-the art Urban City Lab takes a stance with clear plans for the future of a digitalised suburb. We will present just some of the ideas, projects and projects in the interactive suburb gradually.


Have we aroused your interest? Would you like to find out more about the Urban City Lab? Find answers in the UCL presentation.